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Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System Testimonials

“Since we have installed the Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System in our six Rosen Hotels & Resort properties we have eliminated nearly all problems associated with our grease traps and drain lines, we have even tested not having traps serviced as often and everything seems to be working fine.”


-Director of Engineering & Facilities (Rosen Hotels & Resorts)

“It has been over a year since we installed the Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor System in the Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Since that time the Rhino has eliminated many of the problems associated with the management of the Grease Traps and drain lines at the hotel.”


-Director of Engineering (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)


“At the Mariott we strive to operate the hotel with the environment in mind and the Rhino System fits into our “Green Effort” quite well.”


-Director of Engineering (Marriott Marquis Atlanta)

“Our final field test inspection of the grease interceptor, just prior to it’s scheduled monthly pump out, showed grease and solid levels that were well within compliance of the City of Clearwater Grease Ordinance, Therefore, it has been determined that the installation of the in-line interceptors has been an adequate upgrade to the grease management system.”


-Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator (City of Clearwater)

"Fisher Laboratories were commissioned to study the Rhino Wet Waste Filtration System in an on site installation. The results were astounding, not only for the customer using the Rhino, but also for the benefit of the environment." 

-Fisher Laboratories

“The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor device was approved for use to treat commercial sink and dishwasher drain lines that discharge to grease interceptor treatment when these devices are required, per Orange County and Florida Plumbing Codes.”


-Orange County Utilities

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