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Greenpack Products

Greenpack Products

Environmentally Friendly Products
Environmentally Friendly Products
Who Are We?

Greenpack was founded with the objective of neutralizing and reducing the impact that one time use disposable products have on the environment; We develop high quality, affordable and biodegradable solutions to help erradicate this problem.


How Do We Do It?

By creating and innovating new technologies that replace conventional methods of production with sustainable biomass solutions that are efficient, practical, affordable and of premium quality.


We aim to educate our customers, our employees and our community in the effect disposable products have on our environment and inspire the adoption of healthy carbon reduction best practices in our businesses and day to day lives. 


At greenpack we believe that green is more than just a color, it is a state of mind. It is our mission to spread this ideology to the world.

About Greenpack
About Greenpack Material

Greenpack produces a biomass alternative to conventional plastic. Our material is light weight, low cost and easy to process.  This makes it an ideal substitute for conventional plastic that is currently used to produce one time use disposable products such as plastic utensils, cups and plates, garbage bags, t-shirt bags and product packaging. 

Greenpack material is produced out of a bio hybrid resin based on up to 70%  sustainable and renewable plant starch that creates a new molecular structure that is 100% biodegradable in approximately 15 months. No chemical additives are used in the production process and there are zero residues left after biodegradation has taking place. 

Our products require no special waste management.  The material will biodegrade naturally, similar to an orange peel, when it is in a microorganism rich environment. The more microorganism activity, the faster it biodegrades.  When the material is incinerated it will produce 68% less carbon emissions than conventional plastic.

Greenpack material can resist temperatures ranging from -20c to 120c without deforming.  The material is non-toxic and does not leech any harmful chemicals when frozen or heated, it is microwavable and FDA approved.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Bio Based (Bioproducts)?

Bio plastics or bio based are biodegradable and, in some cases, compostable plastics, derived from renewable raw materials such as starch from yam, or other plants and vegetables, combined with biodegradable and conventional polymers.


Greenpack provides a benefit of lower energy consumption and contribute to the lower carbon footprint.


Incorporating biomass into plastics can greatly reduce the amount of oil used to make a product. We reduced 60-70% of the oil used to create conventional plastics to make Greenpack products. (Part of the carbon cycle).

Our products are carbon-neutral. The quantity of carbon dioxide released when incinerated is up to 68% less than conventional plastics.


Greenpack use mostly biomass from newly created carbon sources.


Sunlight is the source of almost all life on Earth. Many people believe that plants are made up of the soil in which they grow. That's a common mistake. A tree, for example, is mostly made up of one of the gases in our air (carbon dioxide) and water (hydrogen and oxygen). Trees are solidified air and sunlight.


What Is Compostable?


Biodegradable material that includes both organic and inorganic material. 


Compost products must meet ASTM 64000 standards. Compostable products can not be recycled with plastic. They will decompose in compost conditions, in special installations according to industrial and/or Municipal Solid Waste where composting facilities exist. Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area.

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