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The Rhino Wet Waste Interceptor is a simple but highly effective device which filters out most of the organic solid matter before it enters the grease trap. By doing so, it prevents the organic material (food particles) from accumulating in the grease traps. As a result, the grease traps become more effective in separating the oil and grease from the water.
"The Ice Wand allows us to go far beyond the standard food service sanitation requirements to create an even safer, cleaner, beverage preparation area with better tasting ice cubes," as stated by the President of a Southeast Regional Restaurant Chain.

  • Reduces wet waste solids and grease from drains.
  • Reduces maintenance of drainage systems.
  • Reduces number of grease trap cleanings.
  • Reduction of odors.
  • Minimizes use of costly enzymes.
  • Reduction of airborne bacteria.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Meets wastewater discharge compliance standards.
  • At source recovery.
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  • Controls chronic icemaker bio-file (slime) growth problem
  • Optimizes ice quality/clarity
  • Aids in meeting both state and local health standards for icemakers
  • Convenient disposal (without negative impact on the environment)
  • Reduces icemaker maintenance frequency and costs
  • Optimizes the efficiency and life of icemakers
  • Universally adaptive to virtually all makes and models
  • Simple to install
  • Non toxic and non corrosive
  • Effectiveness not impeded by lime/scale deposits
  • Lower in cost to more cumbersome alternatives
  • Compact, for easy stocking and shipping
  • Proven effective in lab and field tests
  • EPA and NSF approved

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